5 Easy Eye Tips for Rounder Eyes | Makeup Tips + Circle Lenses Review

Do YOU have round eyes and feel like your makeup always looks off? Well, have no fear! I have 5 easy tips that will make your round eyes come to life!

Eye Shapes

Before we begin: If you don’t know what eye shape yours are (it took me forever to really know), Smashbox has an awesome video that helps you determine which eye shape you have, click below!

If you have (or just have) discovered you do indeed have round eyes like me,  you would know the problem of when your eyeliner and eye shadows disappears behind your eye the second you look up.

The reason why eye shadows and eyeliner disappears behind round eyes  is because round eyed people have less lid space to work with (and this is even more so for people with monolid and hooded eyes). Its a bummer when this happens because it feels like all your hard work was for nothing; but have no fear! There are many round eye diagrams online to help apply eye makeup. My favorite diagram is from Smashbox where they show you the best day, night and defined looks for round eyes (see below).

Easy Makeup Tips for Round Eyes

Here are four tips I use to extend and enhance my round eye shape!

1. Tightline only the center of the lid to close the center of the lid for more of an oval look.

2. Look straight ahead with no facial expression (AKA the b*tch face) and apply a transition color above your crease. I think this step is so important because it makes sure you are start right in your makeup process. Applying a transition color helps make the blending process easier and applying this color with no facial expression helps you identify where exactly your eyeshadows should be placed on your eye. I tend to go for more of a warm tone transition shade, but experiment and choose your color preference!

3. You can technically do any type of look with round eyes, but my favorite look is the halo eye. You can create any combination of colors using the halo eye technique, but I love using browns inside and outside and adding gold in the center of the eye. After eyeshadow, use the same facial expression and apply eyeliner that extends past your crease.

5. Apply mascara and false lashes that focus on the ends of your eyelashes to create a longer eye effect and you’re done!

Circle Lenses

Although makeup does make a difference on how your eyes will look, the big difference I saw to elongate my round eyes and officially complete the look was using circle lenses. Because circle lenses are contact lenses that are created bigger than standard contact lenses, it make the center of the eye look bigger.

Circle lenses takes up more whites of the eyes and overall creates a more symmetrical eye. Although there are a variety of circle lenses from different sizes, colors and styles, my preference are circle lenses that enhance my natural eye shape and color.

If you are a regular contact wearer, you may feel like it is more difficult to wear circle lenses because circle lenses are more thicker than regular contact lenses. I definitely noticed this the first time I started wearing circle lenses, but I actually prefer circle lenses and practice makes perfect!

LensCircle Review


I ordered the LensCircle circle lenses on January 18th and received my package on the February 1st. I would say that this is a normal shipping time for international shipping where it is expected to arrive 10-14 days after the order has been processed.


I liked the presentation of the LensCircle package and I appreciated the extra bubble wrap inside the package and around the contacts to minimize damage of the contacts through shipping. I tend to receive a lot of broken packages (see my last post on the IPSY glam bag), so I am so relieved they came perfect!

The package came with 2 contact lenses inside 2 separate sterile cases, 1 contact case, and 3 paper pamphlets (steps for lens care, general instructions for use, & thank you card) all inside a cute cheetah bag.

Mimi Cafe Series Lenses

The color I received from LensCircle are from the Mimi Cafe Series in the color Macchiato. I absolutely love them because of how natural they look and will definitely order the other color Waffle (look above) next time. The dark outline on the contacts define the center of my eyes and the specks around the eye really enhances the orange hues in my light brown eyes.

Unfortunately before my order, I forgot to indicate I was a -1.50 on both eyes instead of 0.00 on both eyes. My eye sight isn’t too bad, but I do wear contacts on a regular basis and am bummed that I will not be able to wear these for school or driving 🙁

Nevertheless, I love the color of these contacts and am pleasantly surprised with how beautiful the color is.

How to open circle lenses

Since I’m not a newbie at opening circle lenses, I thought it would be helpful to talk about how to open them. Like a lot of people I didn’t read the instructions when I first tried out circle lenses about a year ago and really hurt my hands. Opening circle eye lenses can be dangerous so please be careful, read all the instructions on the pamphlets provided, and open slowly to avoid any risk.

1. Make sure you find the arrow on the cap.

2. Push up on the arrow until you hear a pop. This may take a couple times and (if your finger starts cramping) use a towel or shirt to push.

3. Once you hear the pop,  you should have enough space to see the blue lid seperating from the metal piece.

4. This part is important! Make sure to maneuver the cap completely left or completely right so that the metal piece comes off with the blue cap. Once you’ve done this, you should have access to your Lenscircle contact lenses!


I wanted to mention that if you have trouble and the metal piece breaks on you, do not try to pull it with your fingers! I’ve cut myself pretty bad by doing this so please be careful and use pliers if necessary!

Like mentioned, I think circle lenses elongates my eyes and pulls my look together. I put on my contact lenses before I apply any makeup and it definitely makes a big difference in my entire makeup look.

If you are interested in trying out circle lenses, I would highly recommend purchasing circle lenses from LensCircle! They offer a variety of lenses (from halloween to natural colors/styles) and the style Macchiato is one of my favorite colored circle lenses!

I hope you found my round eye tricks and #LensCircle review helpful! Please comment down below if you have tried circle lenses and what you think about them!

P.S. I was paid and received a complimentary item in exchange for this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.