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WTF is Dermarolling? Microneedling 101

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When it comes to skincare, it can get complicated. There’s so many tools out there in the world that are either really cool and life-changing or really WTF, why would you ever? And today we’re gonna cover a tool that covers a bit of both! Dermarolling definitely fits in both categories because why would anyone in the right mind want to stab their face with needles? As crazy as it is, its honestly one of the most life-changing skin tools I’ve ever used. Common terms are microneedling, derma roller, What is dermarolling? Essentially its what you’re thinking. Derma [skin] + roller [with micro needles attached]. So, why does it work? Dermarolling works because its forcing your skin to create collagen and increase elasticity. Collagen has been around for years and people usually apply it…