10 Hair Hacks, Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

My hair journey has been.. a journey. In the last several years I’ve learned so much about my hair and what tricks work and don’t work. I’m at a point where I am happy with the routine and the overall health of my hair (despite the constant coloring of it). So if you want to know how I do it, here are my 10 life-changing HAIR TIPS, TRICKS AND HACKS that I can’t live without!

1. Air Dry is a Must

Credit to: Maskcara

Air drying is really the best way to give your hair an opportunity to breath. Things like constant coloring and heating will over process your hair and it will eventually turn into a hot mess (literally). Since I have thick hair, I usually take showers at night. I towel dry my hair to 70%  and air dry the rest. This has really helped with allowing my hair to grow.

If your hair gets frizzy, try using serums and creams. My favorites are It’s a 10 Hair Serum and Living Proof Fresh Cut Split End Mender.

2. NO HEAT Hair Hacks

Credit: Makeup Wearables

If you want to have more variety in your hair look, try overnight hair hacks! There are so many options; you can do pigtail braids, halo braids, add multiple tight buns for tighter curls, etc. The list is endless! So awesome cause it saves you time and is great for the health of your tresses. Above is an awesome one I found online creating fun curls with just a bun!

3. Thick Hair Hack: Hair Fibers

Want to thicken up your hair? Try filling in your roots with color. This adds the effect of more thicker hair because your roots are being concealed.

I’ve seen people use eyeshadow with this hack, but I personally don’t think its fool-proof because the eyeshadow eventually fades throughout the day. I’ve noticed this especially if you move your head or run your fingers through your hair.

That is why I love using Fibolica Natural Hair Fibers for this hack. Fibolica was originally created as a hair loss concealer, but it definitely is much more than that! Once applied to the roots, the hair fibers in Fibolica attach securely to the existing hair and does. not. budge. I recently tested Fibolica on my roots and (at the end of the day) was pleasantly surprised to see that my volume and color had not moved whatsoever.

I was also pleased to see that Fibolica naturally adds volume to where the fibers are placed. This takes care of both of my volume and thickening needs and definitely is a win-win in my book!

Fibolica offers 9 colors ranging from black to white and is made  up off 100% natural and organic plant fibers. If you want to learn more about Fibolica, please visit Fibolica.com

4. Dry Shampoo

In addition Fibolica ‘s fiber thickening product, dry shampoo is also an awesome  hair product! Washing your hair everyday is no bueno because it strips your hair from its natural oils and can damage your hair even more! I love using dry shampoo when I’m in a hurry and need a quick refresh from my oily roots. Just spray a couple times on the roots, shake, and you’re good to go!

My personal favorite dry shampoo of all time is Batiste. Not only is it affordable, it smells great and lasts all day.My favorite scents are Blush, Floral and Tropical! I love to pick these up when ULTA has their buy one, get one 50% off sale (which they are currently having!), so take advantage of this awesome deal!

5. Know which Hair Brush works best for you

There are so many different types of hair brushes that are used for different types of purposes. I divided this up into the process of getting ready, from shower to tech. This post is long enough as it is, so I might do a completely separate blog post dedicated to hair tools. However, keep in mind that brush tools work best when you use them correctly… so remember to use brushes that fit your hair needs and always read the directions!

6. Remember to clean your hair brush

Credit to: Today

Please, please, please remember to clean your hair brush. Just like you should clean your makeup brushes frequently, you should also clean out your hair brush frequently.

1. Use a comb, pencil, or even this specially designed tool to pull out all hair.

2. Every once in a while also deep clean your brush. This kills any bacteria that’s trying to collect in the brush head. You can use whatever formula that’s accessible to you but some common ingredients are baking powder, dish soap, baby shampoo, mild shampoo, and vinegar.

3. Tap off any excess liquid and set down to dry. Dry completely before use.

7. If you must, Straighten or Curl your Hair

Sometimes it feels like the fastest way to achieve pin-straight hair or long-lasting curls hair is to use a heat tool. Its inevitable that you will have to look presentable, so use it with these tips!

1. Use a heat protectant before. My favorite is the Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Spray and Chi Iron Guard Protection Spray

2. Seal the deal with serum. I love using my Its a 10 Miracle Styling serum directly after using heat and the Living Proof PhD on days when I’m blow-drying my hair.

3. Try limiting the use of heat to special occasions.

8. The Power of Hot & Cold Water

Credit to: The Indian Spot

Crazy to think that the water you use can actually affect your hair, especially for hair coloring girls like me! I usually start off my shower with hot water, doing the normal shower routine. Throughout the shower, I slowly progress to warm-ish cold water. I end my shower washing my hair with cold water to seal the hair follicles and lock in all-day shine!

9. My Hair MVP Product: Hair Masks

If you didn’t know, I frequently color my hair. At one point in my hair journey I was lightening my hair every two weeks in order to achieve an ashy blonde on my dark brown/black hair, which can be super damaging. I was left with damaged hair, split ends, and hair that wouldn’t grow past a certain length.

Hair masks are what really saved my hair and turned my hair from flat to fabulous!

My all-time-favorite masks are:

Its a 10 Silk Hair Mask

Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle

Macadamia Moisture Mask

Similar Hair Masks:

10. DIY Masks

Credit to: Meggy Grace

Don’t want to spend $30 on 1 hair mask? It’s understandable. Try making your own! I found this chart online and it literally laid down the mask formula by base, flavor, and extra benefit ingredients (kinda like ordering a smoothie from Jamba Juice… kinda).

The base is the “liquid” part of the mask that will hold all the other ingredients together. There are so many different liquids that are beyond what is pictured above, but olive oil, apple cider vinegar, oils, and milks are very common.

The middle part of the chart is the “flavor” part where the majority of benefits are. This section creates the bulk of the mask and determines the overall smell of the mask. Your options are literally endless.

The last section is what I like to call the “extra part”. Things like yogurt, honey, egg and different types of essential oil aren’t necessarily needed in a DIY mask, but it sure boosts up the benefits of the mask!

My personal favorite is Coffee and Honey because those are ingredients I always have around the kitchen and wakes me up for the day! Keep in mind that you can totally not follow the rules on this chart, but I found this really helpful and could be very helpful if you’re a beginner at DIY masks.

Annnnd, that’s it! Please comment down below one life-changing hair tip you can’t live without!

P.S. Thank you Fibolica for sponsoring this post! I had so much fun creating this post using my 22 years of hair knowledge. All opinions are 100% my own, of course.



  • Autum July 10, 2017 at 6:12 pm

    This post was a great reminder that I need to deep condition my hair today. I really want to give the Macadamia moisture mask a try!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Kendra July 10, 2017 at 9:50 pm

    These are some great tips! Ill have to make my own hair mask the next time I wash my hair !

  • Louisa July 11, 2017 at 10:42 pm

    Girl, I love your new hair color. This post is very informative. I almost always air dry my hair.

  • The Gud Trybe July 12, 2017 at 6:04 am

    I love the how you put the picture diagrams in your post, makes it really easy to visualize. I will definitely give the hot and cold water wash a go, have heard of it before but actually had no idea it had so many benefits, especially for me because I have curly hair rinsing with cold water might really help. Thanks.